Belly Dance Classes

Homewood Community Center in Homewood Park
1632 Oxmoor Road
Homewood, AL 35209



PHONE:    (205)879-0701

A session of class is 5 classes, 1 hour each week. Can’t make the first class?  That’s ok; you can still join week 2 and make up the missed class on the 5th week by attending both the Basics and Wednesday night Intermediate classes.




New Session Start Dates for 2021


Class Begins At 6:30  ends at 7:30. Please arrive a few minutes early

Learn the basic in-place and traveling steps, body isolations including shimmies, accents, circles. 






New Session Start Dates for 2021


Class  Begins at 6:30 and ends at 7:30.  Please arrive a few minutes early.

Learn to combine steps and isolations, plus learn to dance with the veil. 











New Session Start Dates for 2021


Class Begins At 7:00 and ends at 8:10. 

Learn advanced steps, isolations & combinations using veil, zills and cane. 




Contact:  for the class fee and a registration form.

About Middle Eastern Belly Dance

To call it “Belly Dance” isn’t quite accurate since the entire body is used in this beautiful dance, but this term has been used for many years in the Western world and became popular in the Middle East, too, where it is called “Orientale”, “Raks Sharqi” (dance of the East) or just Middle Eastern Dance.  It is very popular throughout the world with classes in Europe, Asia, North and South America appealing to women of all ages, shapes, sizes, requiring no previous dance training who like a different experience of exercise and body awareness with beautiful exotic music.

Most women take classes  for their own personal enjoyment while some enjoy performing in public for the studio shows and various festivals or private family-style events.  I am happy to have you in class no matter your ambition, and I know you will find the atmosphere to be one that is supportive and welcoming by all. BUT, performing in public is not required to take and enjoy class.

A “home-style” version of the dance is performed in Middle Eastern homes and weddings by the average woman and a “night club” version by professional dancers in costume.  Most Middle Eastern weddings feature a dancer, so it is very family-friendly when performed correctly. The music I use in class is Middle Eastern, focuses mostly on Egyptian composers and instruments,  and the style can be adapted to home-style or night club.

My classes are for women of all ages 13 and up. If you cannot join the first week of class, Week 2 is the last week to join, and you can make up the missed class in Week 5 of the Tuesday night mixed level class.

Neither Homewood Community Center nor I provide child care, so unattended children are not permitted at the Homewood Community Center. For the comfort and privacy of all, no one is allowed in the studio except enrolled students.


Leotard, yoga pants, leggings, close fitting T-shirts and knits with elastic waist or workout clothes of your choice.  I will have Egyptian-made coin hip wraps if you would like to purchase one; they are fun but not required.


Barefoot,  ballet slippers, soft-sole shoes or socks with grippers to prevent slipping, but no hard sole athletic shoes. The dance studios at Homewood Community Center have wood floors and mirrors